Mac Slow/Freeze when Drobo connected

Whenever the Drobo is connected, most of my applications will freeze on startup. (At first I thought it was just disk-related apps like Disk Utility, but I eventually realized it was most everything.)

Also, the Drobo shows up on the desktop, but the Drobo Dashboard can’t find it.

Running MacOS Sierra. I’ve upgraded to the current version of Dashboard.

Thanks for any help!


hi terry, are you able to check the drive bay lights on the physical unit… what colours do they show and are any of then flashing or blinking? (what about the activity light)

are you also able to check in case any programs such as spotlight/indexing is trying to index or scan/catalogue the drobo - maybe disabling that as a test could help?

Thanks for your reply, Paul.

The bay lights are green and unblinking (except for the empty one, which is read and unblinking). When the unit is powering on, the row of blue lights at the bottom does a pretty dance, and then stays on and unblinking.

An interesting suggestion about Spotlight, etc. I tried plugging it all in again, and the Drobo appeared on the desktop but could not be opened. Dashboard spun endlessly without fully opening. System Preferences froze and both it and Dashboard had to be forced to quit. I had Activity Monitor open throughout and saw nothing unusual. I had to use the power button to fully shut down and restart.

thanks for the info terry,
it may be worth trying to see if things unfreeze on their own, if you get a chance, such as allowing say 30mins from plugging in the drobo to opening up a window (even if the window seemz to freeze - does it unfreeze on its own after 30mins?)

also, what happens if you have dashboard already up and running, before connecting the drobo
and alternatively, if dashboard if fully closed and quit, before connecting the drobo,

btw it may be worth powering down the computer and drobo for at least 5 minutes and trying again,
possibly with another different cable (or port type) if possible, such as using a usb connection instead of firewire or thunderbolt etc depending on the model you have.