Mac Recommendations For NAS for B1220i & B800i

I am currently running a B800i and B1200i tied via iSCSI to a Mid-2010 Mac Pro. (see image at for further equipment/cabling details)

We are having problems keeping the drives mounted, as well as intermittent speed issues, especially under load. I attribute this to the Mid2010 Mac Pro just simply not having the fire power to keep up. Or it might be the Sonnet Gigabit card that I am using.

I should also explain why I have the second Gigabit hub connected as a 1.2.1.x/ subnet. Our B800i would go into standby if the Mac Pro was rebooted, and wouldn’t come out of standby. I experimented and found that it would “stay up” better if I went to this configuration. I realize that it throws an additional hop in there, but that’s a trade off I’ll accept.

Our dept’s director asked today what it would take in the way of a newer Mac to make this more reliable. We have a 2014 Mac Pro in one of our edit bays that I could move in there. Or of course, I could simply put a new iMac or even a new Mac Pro in there. :slight_smile:

I would like someone’s opinion as to what would be good to have in there. And whether a new Mac Pro would be overkill for this.

For that matter, if you have an opinion as to what else might be wrong that could be causing this, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks so much!

hi, i think youve done a cool job in illustrating all this in a picture too so well done for that :slight_smile:

im not too sure about macs, so hang in there and some other users can hopefully help, but just as a thought, have you tried replacing the cabling, perhaps 1 segment at a time, just in case a cable is causing the problem?

maybe on house lan or GBhub1?
also, when the drobo unmounts, is it all shares or just some, and if its all, do you have a way to verify if all your devices are losing any electrical power at some point?

Thanks for the reply!

I found one cable that was bad. It was an older cable so it’s not surprising. Most, if not all of the cables now are new. Of course, I fully realize that only reduces the chance of a cable being bad. I’ve seen cables go bad out of the box. I’ll see if I have any extras to play with.

All shares unmount, and so far as I can tell, there is no power drop. If it did, nothing else in the facility dropped. Other than that, I have no way of verifying power.

Thanks again!

ok cool that you found a bad cable, and maybe if theres an event log running on the computers it might show up under power management or something similar?

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to take a look.

I had both shares of our B800i drop while I was “re-striping” for dual-disk redundancy. Someone had tried to copy files at the same time. I know, it’s supposed to be able to handle this, but I’ve noticed that it’s during the busy times that the shares drop. That’s why I’m thinking I need a host with more firepower.

BTW, I’m about to start another thread asking if it’s okay to reboot the host while a B800i is re-striping. I don’t want to hijack my own thread here; but if you have an answer to that, wait a few minutes and come on over!

(just linking to thread form here too)

I have cabled the Mac Host direct to the B800i and have not experience any share drops in the last 24 hours! This in spite of the fact that the B800i is converting to Dual Disk Redundancy AND backing up data at the same time. This may not sound like much, but was a sure fire formula for a share to be dropped in the past.

So there may be something to not connecting through a hub.

am glad things are working for you.

yes it might be something to do with hubs in general (or possibly that particular hub)
also left you a reply on the other thread too :slight_smile: