Mac + PC Drobo Pro VPN Setup

Hello everyone,

So in my office we work 99% off of Mac’s. But we do have a mix of both Macs and PC’s and a few Android powered tablets. We have an older Drobo Pro running attached to one of our older iMac’s. We currently have Comcast Business for our ISP, Router: Netgear WNDR37AV-100NAS, Switch: Netgear ProSafe JFS524. I was looking at a few different stand alone VPN’s on New Egg. Looking for some input if anyone here has any recommendation. We have about 15 people who would need to connect, and a budget of probably $500-$600 tops for this investment. Ideally (really not sure if this possible) would like to some how “map network drive”, in your My Computer/Computer section, or in your Finder window to our Drobo in the office. Anyone here have any experience with such a setup or something similar, any advice / recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

PS: If your on the East coast stay safe and dry during this storm!

I recommend the Pogoplug v4. It’s a bit slow but gets the job done. Most importantly - it only costs US$99 or less.


Iv tried their service for personal use before… interesting concept, only thing is their top tier model looks like it only supports 5 users at a time which will be a problem.