Mac OS X 10.11

Has anyone successfully connected to El Capitan?
My 5D is seen but my new 5N just flashes capacity lights (blue) and activity lights with all disks showing solid red. Disks are brand new SATA drives one of them should work.


I’ll wait until at least 10.11.1 before I update my one Mac that’s running the dreadful Yosemite (actually, not as dreadful as Mavericks was, though it looks far worse). The rest are still on Mountain Lion, thank you very much.

What do you suppose El Capitan would have to send down the network connection to make the 5N behave like that? This beta release is either very badly broken or else the problem lies elsewhere. How does the Drobo behave if you power it up with the network cable unplugged? How does it behave if you then connect it to another Mac running a current, as opposed to future, version of OS X?

hi, after you try as john suggests,
if your 5n drives are all blank anyway, then you could also maybe try to power all down, and to remove all drives from it, and then to power it up empty to see what happens

and then if youre still sure you dont have any data on those drives, to insert 1 by one, and seeing how the drobo reacts.
(just in case 1 of those drives has a fault even if new)

Johnm, Paul,
Thank you both for your responses and I apologize for my tardy reply. I received no email response (El Capitan and Mail?) and I’m just getting back to playing with the 5N.

Paul, first thing I did was what you suggested. Yanked the disks. Since this was a mix of 2 Seagate and 3 Toshiba drives. I yanked the seagate (Having read the info on slow response to seagate barracuda drives) and plugged in the toshiba drives by them selves. Same problem. I develop on Macs so I have a few drives available to me that I’m confident as to their working. I’m fairly sure these drives are good. At least they pass my firmware and connector tests designed to exercise the puppies. So too do the Seagates. In my experience these are both good manufacturers. If these were WD drives I’d just send them back as I have had nothing but trouble with WD for years but religious waters these. I’ll try to avoid disc drive discussions. No change in behavior.
The dreaded beta of El Capitan is relative. It is okay as betas go. I mostly agree with John’s assessment. To whit…
John, I have not tried your suggests yet. I had to dig up a non El Capitan pub beta box. I found a little Mac Mini yesterday I’ll give your suggestions a try.

I did get a chance to power up the 5N without a network cable plugged in (disconnected from the ether [I’m sure Newton would be horrified ;^)). Same result as described above. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens with 10.10 on Mac Mini.

Thank you again for your replies.

It sounds more and more as if your 5N is the problem. As it’s new and presumably still under warranty I suggest contacting Drobo support. They’ll probably ask you to do a few tests and then send you a replacement.

I agree that hard drive brands are like religions - I used to prefer the old Quantum Fireball ST back in the day.

If this is a new install it sounds like it could be the following.

Thank you to everyone who assisted me. I’m up and running.
The secret was to start out with a 10.10.4 platform or 10.10.5 will work.

Do ALL of the initialization on this box. Initialize the DROBO5N, update the firmware, init the discs on the 10.10.x platform. Taks about 40 minutes altogether. Then once the 5N is healthy and happy power down everything unplug everything and move to 10.11 Public beta.

I’ll be running my exerciser today to see how dense I can pack the ouster tracks and inner tracks on each disc.

Then I’ll let you know my confidence level of 10.11 PB with the 5N. But I think it is pretty solid so far. Ran a few tests last night.

How do I give everyone both credit for an answer?
Seems to me everyone helped with this; everyone deserves some credit.

Thank you all again.

I LOVE Quantum discs. I have an old Quantum 210 MB disk that is now 20 years old and still going strong. GREAT discs. But these kind of discussions do lead to religious wars. Like talking about Kds, Politics, Religion or Editors. Humans are interesting creatures. :^))


I’m glad you sorted it, but I now have even less incentive to “upgrade” to El Capitan as it seems to break part of the Drobo Dashboard!

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cool that you got a nice end result.
(maybe good to call it “el apprentice” - until it matures into el capitan and passes all proficiency tests :slight_smile: