Mac OS Big Sur 11.1


My Drobo was working since upgrading to Big Sur last week. Everything seemed a bit slow. Now the past 2-3 days it is continuously disconnecting from my MacPro. I get the notification dozens of times throughout the day, and seems to be happening more and more frequent.

“Eject “DROBO NAME” before disconnecting or turning it off”

Will the Mac OS Big Sur 11.2 update help or make it worse?

Thank you, in advance, for your time.

Mac Pro (Late 2013)
3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3
AMD FirePro D700 6 GB

No reply? This issue is still happening. Multiple times per day.

I am getting the same thing. I posted separately. I have 2nd Gen Drobo attached to Mac mini. My Network attached 5N2 is unaffected. The direct attached Drobo disappears from the dashboard but still shows on the finder (but won’t show files). I think I will talk to apple since this seems an apple problem.

Yes, exactly the same issue here. You can’t put the Mac to sleep or it just ejects randomly. I’ve had to replace one of my 4tb WD Red drives as well, which mysteriously failed (coinciding with random ejecting). Two other drives now say ‘healed’. I am having to unmount the drive every time I sleep my Mac, which is incredibly irritating.

This will help to explain.

Dashboard Message:

Dashboard, Drive information reads: Warning or Healed

Do I have a bad drive?

All Drobo storage devices indicate a bad drive by displaying a blinking red light next to the suspect drive.

When a red blinking light appears next to a bay slot, remove that drive and replace it with a new one of equal or greater capacity.

There is no need to shut down your Drobo device when swapping a drive.

The back of the Drobo face-plate will show you “drive bay actions required”.

What should I do?

From the Drobo Dashboard you can also go to Status and click “Drive Information”. This will let you select a drive and check the “Health” of each drive. You will also be able to see the model, firmware and capacity of your drive.

In Drobo Dashboard > Status > Drive Information > Health, you may see something other than " Good ", you may see:


This message appears when a drive encounters block errors during an IO operation.

This does not mean your drive needs to be replaced, Drobo will blink the drive bay Red if action is required.

Another status you may see is:


This message appears when Drobo encounters a bad block on a drive. Drobo will then re-create that failed block on another part of the drive.

This does not mean your drive needs to be replaced. Drobo will blink the drive bay Red if action is required.

For a list of recommended (and non-recommended) drives, see:

Can I really use any drive in Drobo?

For Disk Eject, try the following: