MAC OS 10.9.x - Can't reboot with Drobo (1st gen) connected

So after the Mac OS 10.9 release, I have not been able to reboot or shut down my iMac (mid-2010 - model 2390) when I have Drobo connected. Even if I disconnect it, the iMac will not reboot or shutdown properly. I have to force the shut down.

I can reboot it normally once I do this and do not reconnect Drobo.

I do understand Drobo does not support the 1st gen model - I am hoping someone else has encountered this and knows of a fix.

I am running the latest firmware and Drobo Dashboard software. I also currently running the latest version of Mac OS. I had hoped each time an update for the OS was released, the issue would be fixed - but sadly it has not been.

Thx for reading and in advance for offering advice.

hi, do you know if there is a way to downgrade the last mac update, to the previous one?
(check if it can be safely done or not, first though).

this will help pinpoint if it was the upgrade

If you want a long time (30+ minutes), does the operation actually complete?

Some Windows configurations have a similar problem where boot will “hang” for up to 30 minutes with a Drobo connected versus without. Drobo has pointed at something Windows Backup does to the drive as being the culprit, but I have had it happen with Drobos that have never been touched by Windows Backup, so I don’t know the answer to that mystery.

thats sounds a bit familiar bhiga, i think it was something to do with the larger the size of the volume, the longer it took too?

I have let it attempt to reboot or shutdown for hours - it just hangs on a grey screen.[hr]

Yes, did a downgrade along ago and the reboot/shutdown issue was no longer present - worked fine. After upgrade again, would no longer reboot/shutdown

thanks for the info,
ok while its not great progress, it at least seems to narrow the problems down to the upgrade.

maybe a ticket with support, with any more info you have as to which update patch it was (or what version you had to what vertion you upgraded to), will help drobo teams pinpoint what might have changed.

also might be good to raise a ticket with apple as well, to inform them that something they released, might have stopped other things from working properly.

i dont really know what other benefits the recent upgrade is providing to you, vs the ability to more safely shutdown a drobo, but until the exact cause of the issue and solution is identified, you might need to remain as is or try to downgrade again?