MAC Not Detect - El Capitan

Hello good afternoon

I am having trouble detecting the drobo on the network, my Mac has been updated to version el capitan and no longer detects the drobo.

I did some procedures
I entered the firewall-enable and what DD
Deactivated the SIP installed Java, then installed Sofware Drobo Dashbord
Even so the machine does not yet detect the drives.
I have another machine on the network that the old version and this detecting correctly.

Version 2.0.6 of the Firm
Dashboard version 2.7.1

Please, I am unable to work.

thank you


hi tiba, it looks like you are already using the latest firmware and dashboard (as on this page)

can you remember if the drobo was still plugged in during the Upgrade? there is some more info about it which may help here too:

can i also check if the drobo is currently plugging in to something else and then to your mac?
if so, what hapens if you try to attach it directly to the mac?

Please note that B800i is a iSCSI SAN storage.

Drobo Dashboard (newer) ones … do not come bundle with iSCSI Initiator for Mac that is needed for iSCSI connection.

According to Drobo support page, you will need ATTO iSCSI Initiator For Mac.

If it helps anyone, you can get a FREE open source ISCSI initiator for MAC at Github here:

iSCSI Initiator 1.0.0-beta2:

Confirmed working for me OS X El Capitan 10.11.3
with my Drobo B800i