Mac Mojave Disconnect 5N SMB

Hi, had the Drobo for 5 years but always had this problem. Using SMB to connect to Drobo 5N Shares and mounted drives disconnect and then reconnect periodically. This event will even make Finder freeze. One share is public on home LAN the other requires sign in. The user creds are saved in Key Chain.



Just to close this issue … it’s now working fine on Mojave. The list:

  • DDAssist in System > User & Groups > Login Items
  • Drobo in System > Security & Privacy > Accessibility
  • Drobo in System > Security & Privacy > Full Accessibility
  • SMB://IP Address/Volume in Finder Connect to Server

That did it for me.

Thanks so much for your post.  Have been going crazy with this problem in my 5N only since three or four Mojave updates ago; 10.14.3.  Difficult to describe to search knowledge base, or community; so I just began reading most titles whenever I had time..
This solved my problem.  Have a good day.