Mac mini/Drobo v2 wake from sleep issue

My new Mac mini (just bought it, running 10.6.3 with the latest security update) isn’t waking my Drobo v2 attached via FW800 from sleep. (i.e. when I put the Mac to sleep, the Drobo also goes to sleep-all lights on the front panel turn off-and then when I wake the Mac, the Drobo doesn’t also wake from sleep.)

When I previously had the Drobo v2 attached to my 2008 MacBook Pro, it would wake from sleep just fine. The weird thing is, the Drobo v2 shows up in the sidebar in the Finder under Devices, even when it is asleep. But…when I click on its icon, it takes about 10 seconds to spin up and for the folders to appear. The only other way to get it to wake from sleep is to reboot the mini.

What’s up with that? Any insight much appreciated.

Edit: Drobo v2 also fails to show up in Drobo Dashboard when the mini wakes from sleep, as described above. It doesn’t matter if I’ve manually woken the Drobo v2 from sleep by clicking on it in the Devices sidebar of the Finder or not-it still doesn’t show up in Drobo Dashboard.

I have the exact same behavior with my Drobo-v2 and my Mac Mini.
Your first point (Drobo remaining asleep till you actually access it) may be a good thing, unless it is critical your first Drobo access takes less than 10s.

Your second point (Dashboard not finding the Drobo after a sleep) has been notified to Data Robotics many times by many persons, including myself, but they are obviously not interested in correcting it.
You may want to open one more defect on the same subject, in case they wait for a minimum number of people to complain before starting a corrective action…

Thanks, geeji. Per your advice, I logged two tickets, one regarding the (now inconsistent) non-waking-from-sleep behavior, and one regarding the Dashboard-not-recognizing-attached-and-awake-Drobo behavior.

As an update, Drobo v2 is now randomly waking from sleep when the Mac wakes up too. But then it (Drobo) will also randomly not wake from sleep sometimes. :-?

So I got a response from Data Robotics just now. They have described my two issues as “cosmetic” and say that they will address them in a future update. If I get any more information from them, I will post it here.

EDIT: DRI has also said that the waking-from-sleep issue should work like this: Drobo Dashboard should recognize the Drobo when the Mac mini wakes from sleep, and then it (Drobo Dashboard) should wake the Drobo from sleep.