Mac Finder Freezing

Big problems trying to access files on my Drobo S through the Mac Finder. Finder freezes.

This is only a problem with the Drobo S, and only when accessing it through the desktop finder. If a file selection is needed in an application, the Drobo S responds immediately.

Drobo S is SATA connected to a MacPro running OS 10.7.5

hi, i was wondering a couple of things…

do you know if there are any settings you can check about whether finder or spotlight is indexing or how it is set to catalogue your files (as maybe something there is causing a conflict?)

would you be able to try connecting to the mac via usb instead, to see if the same problem happens as well?

Not sure what there is to check about Finder, or Spotlight settings? All look normal. I switched to USB, and got the same results. The finder locks up, and must be re-launched. sometimes, re-launching from the dock does not fix the problem, and force quit must be used.

The problem ONLY occurs when trying to search for a file on the Drobo S. All other areas, including another Drobo (1st Gen USB) work perfectly.


There was an issue with first generation MacPro 1,1. This MacPro when connected firewire transferred at firewire 400 speed. See if the same thing happens on USB.


Drobo S is connected to MacPro via eSATA. Problem exists when connected via USB

hi, does disk utility show any errors if it does a filesystem scan?
sometimes on windows a chkdsk is often required, and maybe the mac equivalent can help you in case of an issue with some index files that finder needs when searching.

im not sure how to run it in read only mode (eg a passive scan) but it might help

Disk Utility says everything is OK. No other options. Note… as soon as I touch the Drobo volume in the Finder, the Finder reacts as ‘Not Responding’ and must be relaunched, which most of the time does not work, requiring a reboot.

hmm ok thanks for the info,
have you carried out a full shutdown of the mac, and drobo, and to reboot everything to see if the problem still persists?

there is another tool for macs called disk warrior, but i dont think its free, and might be easier to try the reboot test first.
also, if you fully close down dashboard, does finder still have the issue?

I have a copy of Disk Warrior, ran a test on the files and found a bunch of .plist files that were corrupt and unrepairable, plus a few other references. I’m a little nervous about running the ‘rebuild’ option, at least until my backups finish running.

ah thats fair enough, its always to good to have more peace of mind :slight_smile:

ah thats fair enough, its always to good to have more peace of mind :slight_smile: