Mac disk Uility repair disk, never ending

i have a second gen drobo, connected by Firewire 800 to a 2010 MacBook Pro 13" running 10.6.3

i ran disk utility repair disk because the drive wasn’t showing in finder.

disk utility reported that there was a incorrect number of extended attributes and access control lists … i have no idea what they were, but disk utility said to run reapir disk, so i did, that was nearly 5 hours ago and it is still going.

it seems to be stuck on “updating support partitions for the volume as required”

the blue bar says less than a minute, but that has been there for about 2 hours …

any ideas what causing it, or do i just leave it be for a while and just let it run

How much storage is on your Drobo? Personally I’d let it run.

Yes, do let it try to run and complete. Have you contacted Apple to see what they suggest for how long you should let disk repair run?

it finally finished after 12 hours … really silly, 3.6TB (drobo formatted 2 x 2tb and 2 x 1tb), 2.7TB used

i then ran diskwarrior and it showed a few malfunction errors, so now i am currently copying off and re-formatting

all down to the drobo not showing in finder

How often do you run disk repair or Disk warrior? Should be done at least once a month as regular maintenance to ensure the integrity of your data.

i hadn’t run it this month, was on my list of things to do now that i was on summer break