Mac Dashboad doesn't see Drobo v2

Dashboard no longer sees my Drobo v2.

Anyone else have this problem?

Environment: Dashboard is 1.6.1 and firmware is 1.3.5.
MacOS X 10.6.2, MacBook Pro@2.5ghz/6144MB/512GB.

Do you have access to your drobo through finder? Does it mount?

What interface are you using with the Drobo? I’m using FW800 and have had similar issues, but only when traffic to the drobo is high.

I unmounted the drive and awaited its standby, then powered it off. Waited a few moments for things to settle down (typical discharge of capacitors, etc - I’m an old guy) and powered it up. Then reconnected via FW800 and the dashboard then worked fine after that.

Hope this helps.:slight_smile: