Mac and DroboShare : Rename Volumes

Is there anyway to resize or rename my DroboShare volumes?

Using EXT3 with two 2TB volumes.

I figure the answer is no to resize but certainly there is a way to rename them. Somehow when I added additional storage my 2nd volume got named M. Just the letter M. I don’t even remember it asking for a name.

I obviously hate having a volume called M.

Is there an easy way to fix this? What’s the hard way?

The only way to resize a volume on the Drobo is to reformat to a larger size, this will cause data loss.

You can rename the volume in Drobo Dashboard Advanced Controls - Tools - Rename Drobo and Volumes

I only get the option to rename the disk pack. It does not give me a chance to rename the individual volumes.

You can turn off the Drobo and directly connect it to your computer to rename the volume.

Since I don’t have native EXT3 support on Mac, will I be able to do this? The DroboDashboard still functions the same. I have macfuse so I can read the disks but rename volumes only let’s me rename the disk pack.

Is it possible for me to rename them from Ubuntu without the dashboard?

You will have to connect it to a Linux box to rename the volume. I do not know if you can rename the volume without Dashboard. I would check the documentation on Linux to see how to rename the volume.

I was able to rename it with a program called e2label. Thanks for your help.

Good to hear that you were successful.