MAC Address?

I’ve just bought a Drobo and a Droboshare and I am very pleased with both units.

I use Mac address filtering on my router for security. If I have this switched on then (obviously) my network cannot find the Drobo.

I would like to continue using MAC Address filtering if at all possible. My knowledge of networking is rather basic. Does the Drobo/Droboshare have a MAC address?

I apologise if this is rather an ignorant question!

Thanks for any help you can give.

All ethernet network equipment have a mac-address.
If you have a windows machine, start cmd.exe, ping the droboshare to establish a connection and then enter “arp -a”
Then you will get the arp-table for all active connections from your PC. You will find your droboshare’s IP-address there and there is the physical/mac-address too.
Good luck!

Many thanks for the reply. I thought that there should be a MAC address. Unfortunately, I use Apple Macs so I cannot carry out the steps you have kindly detailed.

Any Mac user out there know how I find the MAC address of my Droboshare?[hr]
Just found the MAC address printed on the bottom of the Droboshare!

End of minor crisis.


Sorry, I’m totally lost on Mac’s (allthough the arp-command should be available on a OS-X machine too.)
Otherwise many routers have network statistics that shows MAC-addresses.

The MAC address for the droboshare is on the bottom of the DroboShare.

Jennifer: Unfortunately that is really hard to get access to without powering down the Drobo that is designed to stand on top of the DroboShare…

Easiest way is to check your DroboShare IP address (use dashboard Tools network setup). Then go into your routers admin pages & check the DHCP table, you’ll then be able to find the DroboShare’s IP & corresponding MAC address.


Open up a terminal window (run Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app) and run “arp -a”.

Jenifer told you.