low space on 1 drive

I got a notice on my Drobo that one of my drives are running low on space. i bought a larger Hard Drive to be installed. How do i install a single hard drive with losing any data?

Maybe you can post more info for the following:

  1. Which Drobo Model? Drobo Gen3, Drobo Gen2, Drobo 5D, 5N??

  2. What is the current drives set-up?? 4x 3TB, 5x 4TB ???

I assuming that you have reached either > 80% or > 90% disk space usage. Which is indicated by 8 or more Blue Capacity Lights. The single drive that light up is either Solid YELLOW light (if total used space > 85%) or Solid RED light (NOT blinking) if total used space is > 90%.

With the above info, fellow users here will be able to help you