Low space but I have it

Hi to all,

I had two partitions in my drobo dashboard, one is full and the other is missing.
Then I deleted some information to generate free space . Now one partition is still missing and the other continues to mark me as full when really I have 1.00TB of free space.

I tried to add a new volume, but, drobo dashboard fails formatting the partition.

Thank you for your time.

hi itefl,
can i check what the drive slot lights are showing and doing currently?
if they are all a solid colour (ideally green) and nothing is blinking, then you could try to use dashboard to shutdown the drobo, and to then restart the computer, and then to restart the drobo.

(does the other volume/partition appear again on the computer or in dashboard?)

Hi Paul, thanks for your time.

I deleted some information in the partition that I have. Now the problem with the space in this partition is solved. I tried to add a new volume, but fails when the dashboard tries to format the new volume, so now this is my situation in drobo:

-Lights (all of there in solid green).
-One partition (with enough space and working correctly).
-Windows Disk Manager (show me 5 new uninitialized Disks).
-Drobo Dashboard show me 1.41Tb of unallocated space.

Thanks again for your reply.

Kind Regards

thanks for more info,
having all green lights is good - would you be able to try the following when you get a chance please…

  • to try closing all programs (including disk manager)
  • and to exit dashboard completely (including the application, as well as stopping the service via running services.msc)
  • to then try restarting the service and then the dashboard application
    (when dashboard relaunches, does it itself prompt you to create and format a new volume?)

if so, (and in case something had locked it or was trying to use it before) could you try using dashbard again, and to try to capture some screenshots of the process (and of the dashboard tabs) for uploading onto imgur or similar and to paste back the links here?
(please remember to rub out any sensitive/serial number before uploading though)

First, thank you for your time, and sorry, but I couldn’t try your steps before.

I did all that you said me, but nothing new happened. I attach you some images of my situation.


Kind Regards and thank you so much for your help.
Jose David

thanks for the screenshots jose,
(if you are able to easily capture the error message that dashboard gives you, that could be useful too)

It seems as though you are using Dual Drive Redundancy? (ddr), and if i go by the screenshot it seems as follows:
8 drives x1TB each = 8TB
8TB -2TB (2 drives for ddr) = 6TB
6TB x0.9 (for filesystem/overhead) = about 5.4TB available for use.

(this would match up with your screenshot of dashboard, and as it looks as though your max volume size is set to 4TB, then i would also expect a 2nd volume to be available for the remaining 1.4TB (or thereabouts)

as you mentioned that you definitely had a 2nd volume before… is there any more information that you can remember about it (such as if it worked fine before, and how long you had a working 2nd volume for, and if anything had changed since then, such as downgrading a drive or something else? (and did you happen to use single SDR before and then later switched into DDR?)

also, were you possibly using usb before when you first setup that 2nd volume?
there is an article here that may help, which suggests using usb (in order to carry out the setup of the 2nd volume via dashboard and Volume Management facility)
(however, if your current iscsi works, it might be best to try usb and not to upgrade dashboard in case iscsi stops working which may possibly require a lot of iscsi shenanigans to correct) :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, yesterday, I wanted to make the new screenshots to show you the fail in the process of create a new volume, but magically, works correctly, and now I have two partitions again, and all is working fine.

Thank you so much, for your help Paul.
Kind Regards,


ah cool, that’s great :slight_smile:
and thanks very much jose