Low on Protected Space Warning

[size=x-large][size=large][font=Verdana]I’m a bit confused. My Drobo Dashboard says I’ve used up 10.2 TB and only have 651GB of free space left. My Mac running 10.11.5 says I’ve only used up 2.4TB, which makes sense because there’s hardly anything in there. So why am I getting a low protected space warning when I should have at least 6TB available[/font][/size][/size]

hi alex,

would you be able to post back some more info when you get a chance about the following areas, such as:

  • how many hard drives you have in your drobo, and the sizings
  • and if you are using single (SDR) or dual (DDR) drive redundancy?
  • how many drobo volumes can you see
  • and if possible, could you take some screenshots and to upload them to imgur or similar. (though if you do, please remember to rub out any sensitive info/serial numbers to play safe etc)

drobos do have a certain threshold regarding the % of free space remaining (such as for triggering different drive bay lights or messages when reaching a particular % of usage, like 85% or 95%).

Sometimes the amount of space that the remaining percentage makes up, can seem quite high, especially when the total capacity increases, (though all relative) - but it could be something else too…

can i check as you are on a mac too, if you created any other volumes such as for time machine?