Low disk space reported (in error)

We have a Drobo 5N NAS with three (WD RED) 1TB drives installed. There is about 280 GB of data on the NAS yet the Drobo software (flyout) is reporting that the unit is low on disk space! The software is installed on a Windows 10 PC (not sure if that matters). The [Lenovo] PC is black (not sure if that matters, either). I have looked at the storage on the NAS and there’s a TON of space available. All lights on the front of the device are green. The CAT6 ethernet cable is blue (not sure if that matters). Did I leave anything out? The room is air conditioned and pained a cheerful shade of yellow. (no carpet, hardwood floors)

Might need a bit more information to be able to offer some advice:

_ Can you look on the Drobo Dashboard and advise what the actual storage use is? (Better to load a screen shot of its use)
_ Do you have Dual Disk Redundancy in operation or not?