My drobo love/hate relationship. My first droboFW800 died after a year of service. I understand things can fail so i purchased a replacement in January. All is well with the new drobo and then the droboFS came out so i purchased it. I love my droboFS but now my second drobo i bought in Jan has failed after 3 months. Now support will RMA my failed drobo and thats cool however my problem is 2 of my 3 drobo’s have failed so should i really depend on my 3rd to last or should i jump ship to another brand… arrg
Also i have to spend money to RMA my drobo, i have to pay to package and ship my drobo or buy drobocare and they can advance RMA a new one with prepaid return. Why cant they just take my CC info and advance me a new drobo. I am tired of spending money on a brand that has failed twice on me. I still love my drobo just i hate it more at the moment…

I see a common denominator… you might want to put a meter on your outlets to see if your power is dirty, or if the powerstrips/ups’ that they’re on are affected or just acting alone… If you can confirm that your power is clean (no spikes, brownouts, or other fluctuations), then you’ve got some bad luck with 2 bad Drobos… I feel for ya.

no power issues (1 died in old house other in new built house), everything is on batt backups plus both drobos have different failures. 1st drobo no longer sees any hard drives it just sits booted with a red light in bay 1. you can even connect to it in the dashboard. 2nd drobo works fine in firewire but will not connect USB. So yes i have had bad luck with drobos…

Do your battery backups have voltage/line regulation? Typical battery backups don’t, unless you get higher up in the range.

Without voltage/line regulation, your equipment is only protected against surges, not under/over voltages or other power fluctuations that don’t trigger switching to battery-supplied power.