Loud fan, no lights

Back in the office after the holidays, there’s no drobo volumes mounted on my mac, but the lights are normal on the drobo 5D3. Drobo dashboard can’t see the drobo. I power cycle the drobo, and now it immediately runs the fan at full speed and there’s no lights of any kind, front or back. Seems like there’s nothing to be done…?

I’m having the very same issue with my 5D3. I’m just waiting to hear back from Drobo on the next steps to take for either replacing the enclosure or retrieving the data by some other means.
I’ve tried all the usual first steps, like removing the drives, removing the SSD, plugging it directly to a wall outlet etc… I even tested the power supply and the output seems to be hovering around 12v, right where it should be.
So for now, all I can do is await further instructions from Drobo technical support.