Lost Volumes After Reformatting Computer

I had to reformat my C: Drive to increase my capacity. After installing Windows 8.1 and getting the iSCSI connections all back and the seeing all 3 of my Drobo Pro’s only 1 had the correct volume name and access to the data. The other 2 seem to have the data as I see the correct blue lights on the Drobo’s but when I view their volumes in the Dashboard (version 2.5.3) the volume names are wrong and the File System say “Not Formatted”. How do I get back to what I had and access to the data?

Now, for some reason I can’t access ANY of the 3 Drobo Pro’s!!! The lights all appear to be the same which leads be to believe that the data is there I just can’t access any of it. Even plugging in the USB the volumes in the Dashboard say “Unknown” or “Not Formatted”. This is very bad as I have about around 40 Tb of data that I need to get to. This is my video company’s project files since we have been a company!!