lost+found folder?


I have reset my Drobo-FS, because I believe it has been acting up.
-Dashboard couldn’t see it even though I turned off firewall and restarted my pc. Also uninstalled/reinstalled Dashboard.
-Wouldn’t negotiate Gigabit speeds. I could only determine by copying a large file to and from Drobo-fs.
-I had multiple Volumes set up and their definately was stuttering while playing back video on my TV. I have an ACRYAN connected to the TV and plays video over SAMBA. It would stutter at the PC if I played video at the TV. The TV is accessing a different Volume to the PC.

Anyway I reset the drobo-fs and now I have a lost+found folder? I thought the drobo is supposed to be wiped? Like factory conditions.

I’ve never accessed a Drobo from a PC, but a lost+found folder at the root level is standard on *nix based systems. I would think that since the Drobo is running Linux, that folder would always be there.

The only odd thing is, the shares aren’t the root of the filesystem on the DroboFS (they actually live at /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/), so I’m not sure why it would show up where he can see it.

I wouldn’t worry too much - they are a standard part of Linux filesystem maintenance; it’s just more of an oddity that one showed up where it did.

I ended up deleting it and then doing a ERASE again. It is no longer there.