LOST files

I am using a Drobo pro and am loosing directories. The last directory to go was my wife’s travel photos (As you can imagine she is less than impressed).

Drobo Pro
Two WD 2TB enterprise drives
Windows 7
File system NTFS

I have a few questions:

  1. Have any of you lost files/directories on your Drobo Pro?
  2. If so – have any of you been able to recover your lost files?
  3. How would you go about recovering the files?

I have also noticed other directories vanishing (Symptom was unable to delete the parent directory)

  1. no
  2. NA
  3. it sounds like file system problem, have you tried running scandisk on it?

That may be able to find them if they are just “lost”

The other remote possibility - you have an up to date antivirus installed?

How are you connecting your DroboPro to your Win 7 machine?

I would also recommend CHKDSK from the command prompt.

Hi Jennifer,

I have connection via ISCSI (cable from dedicated NIC to Drobo) – I have a second NIC for the local network.

Under the recommendation of Data Robotics Technical Support – I am in the process of updating the firmware and Drobo Dashboard.

My biggest question is HOW DO I recover my wife’s images – On a normal harddrive I can run a low level scan and recover data. Once I event went as far as replacing a harddrive driver board – but I have been lucky in as far as I am able to recover most of my data.

In the case of Drobo – I cannot do a low level scan on the drives as it is not a true NTFS data store. How do I recover the data that vanished from my drive?

CHKDSK /F should hopefully find the missing files/folders though you’ll have to scan through them to determine what’s what as filenames are usually lost.

do let us know how you get on.

On this point does anyone know of any good NTFS file system checkers, there used to be loads but now everyone seems satisfied with the windows built in utils

I have located my lost files - It tured out that someone moved the directory (I think it was a click and drag. I found the files when I loaded the NTFS5 file allocation table up in Stella Phoenix and searched for the file. The good thing is my wife has faith in my Drobo again.

I have one other issue - my windows chkdsk is failing to complete - The ISCSI connection appears to timeout when running

Tonight (it is early in the morning downunder) I will do my weekly backup of my important files and then will look at changing my ISCSI settings to a longer timeout. I think the current timeout is 5 minutes.

Are you formatted to a 16TB volume size? There have been reports of win 7 users with 16 tb volumes having difficulties running chkdsk on external drives, not just drobos.

and 8 tb too (in my case) 1 2 and 4tb all work fine, 8 and 16tb just give up (but i think they do repair… they just never give you back the command prompt)

and im glad to hear you found your files again! it is easily done but i guess next time the first thing you will do is just search the drive :slight_smile: