Lost files?

I copied files to the drobo fs in October, I haven’t touched it since, and left it on. The last 2 weeks, I’ve been copying files over, and the files copy over fine. I have turned the unit off, and back on and the files are still there. Last night, I left the computer on and let it copy 10 gb, of info from my PC to the drobo, when I woke up, I saw a windows network error, and it said that the drobo FS has been disconnected. The Drobo FS works fine, but the files I copied over the last few weeks don’t show up? Is there anything I can do?


hi hasta, do you still have the original files from where you copied from?

im not 100% sure about drobo fs, but i know that on a normal Drobo (v1 & v2) its recommended to run a checkdisk on it if its with windows. that might find some issues from the disconnect. (double check these forums for “chkdsk /” commands. i know the /f and /x which work fine on windows, but not sure if theres anything special needed for a drobo fs (and if you’re on a mac theres different tools to use).

high level steps are most probably these.
check for errors
and if you have the original source, to try another copy

Hi Paul, No, I did a cut and paste, A lot of the files are missing now ;( . Can I run it from within windows? It is a network drive, so it’s plugged in by ethernet. I am not sure how I can run the check disk, thanks

Did you solve your problem hasteveha?

nice one Luke for asking hasteveha, i must have missed this reply thread :frowning:
btw hastehava luke has made a specific thread about FS and how to check and fix things.[hr]
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I don’t mind.

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