Lost Everything

Hi. Can you please tell me why my FS is rebuilding.

Kelvin Y:[quote]This is due to the fact that 2 of your drives in the unit might be problematic…
top slot, noted to have 1 bad block and 1 occurrence of full timeout.
Especially the 2nd slot from the top, noted to have 1 occurrence of full timeout, it has noted several expunge occurrence, possibly triggering the rebuilding.

Please wait for the rebuilding to complete, ensure that All Lights Are Green then replace the drive in the 2nd slot first. Wait until the rebuild completes, then repeat the process and replace the top one.[/quote]
Thanks for your reply.

I have been given contradictory information. In my previous support request Sebastian C told me it wasn’t necessary to replace the drive in the top bay.

Can you please elevate my query to the next tier of support. I’d like to be confident that I have been given the correct advice.

Kelvin Y:[quote]You may choose not to replace the one in the top bay, but I highly recommend that you replace the one in the 2nd bay at least.[/quote]

While the FS was rebuilding we had a blackout:
When the power came back on the FS started on it’s own & continued rebuilding.
According to the lights on the unit it has finished rebuilding.
But Dashboard has also displayed the FS as red.
I cannot access the data on the FS.
I selected the Repair option in Dashboard as recommended by Support article.
I told you the Drobo was red in the dashboard but since selecting repair it is now yellow.
It has been over 48 hours (?) since the repair began. The activity indicator is not illuminated at all (I don’t know if it was on at any stage of the repair).
Dashboard still says “This may take less than an hour to more than a day. Do not turn off the power of your Drobo device while repair is in progress.”

Kelvin Y:[quote]the repair process may take up to 6 days for it to complete.

Over a week later the dashboard still says repair in progress.
Kelvin:[quote]Could you see a progress on how long it takes to complete?[/quote]

There is no progress meter.

Kelvin Y:[quote]I’ll be escalating your case to my colleagues in the higher tier for their review.[/quote]

Jeff B:[quote]Hello, I have taken your case.

I don’t see any problem with repair. Please start it again, this time once it says it’s finished please take a diagnostic and leave the unit running. I’ll review the log and let you know what the next step to take is.[/quote]

My FS says it is repairing. It has for 10 days or so. How do I start the repair again? The Repair message still says not to power off etc.

Can you tell me if the repair ever started?

Jeff B:[quote]Thanks for asking, I thought it was finished from Brad’s notes. Please allow repair to continue progress. Diagnostic shows it’s still running as of 9/2 (yesterday).[/quote]

Do the diagnostics say how far through the repair the FS is? I’m worried that it hasn’t actually started or something.

Jeff B:[quote]Unfortunately repair does not give a indication of progress through the entire repair. All we know is if repair is running and through diagnostics taken over time can see change (progress).

So you can be sure it’s running.[/quote]

Hi Jeff. It’s been 15 days now. Can you check that all is still OK, please. (New diags attached.)

Jeff B:[quote]While repair does show it’s still running and making progress, unfortunately it running for two weeks is a bad indicator. I have not seen any disk packs recover using repair after two weeks so it may be a good time to give up. If you would like to continue to let repair run and I’m more than happy to check diagnostics to make sure it continues to make progress.[/quote]

When you say “give up”, what are you suggesting?

Jeff B:

Would be more helpful to get someone on the phone so you’re not bounced around so much, but it really sounds like it’s time to restore from backup.

hi skywalka,
ouch to hear that…

if you did not have a full backup of your data, then keep working with support to try each possibility to exhaustion, and try to remain as patient (as possible)

i only use the directly attached models, but have luckily fully recovered my drobos from several power outages in the past. (nice robust units), though it did take days into the weeks but pulled through.

as bhiga said, try to speak with support, and if possible, try to schedule calls with the same tech because in some cases it allows them to follow through, and might be easier because if there’s a lot of “elapsed” / waiting time, then you probably wont achieve much by ringing up different people too often…