Losing Mapped Drives Under Windows 7

So I’m using Windows 7 and a DroboFS with all the latest firmware and dashboard. The problem is that for some reason the mapped shares can become unavailable. In many cases I can remount them without too much hassle but sometimes the drive simply won’t mount. If I reboot my system sometimes it will fix the issues and sometimes I need to reboot the Drobo. It’s not the worst problem in the world but it is annoying.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so did you resolve it?

That sounds unusual. I’d pull a log and send it to support - just in case there’s some kind of hardware of configuration problem creeping up.

Does the same problem happen on other computers? If no, the problem lies with this particular computer. If yes, it could be network related. If you determine the problem happens across multiple computers, connect the DroboFS direct to a computer to see if the problem persists. This will narrow the problem down to the DroboFS or the network. Just make sure the DroboFS and the computer’s NIC are using compatible IPs and that the subnet mask matches on each device.

It’s a long shot, but removing the Win7 computer from the Windows 7 homegroup may help. Another customer reported doing this increased performance across the network. Instructions for doing this can be found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/HomeGroup-frequently-asked-questions.

Rapier1, I’m having the exact same issue with the same resolutions that you’ve mentioned; sometimes they’ll just remount, sometimes I have to reboot my machine, sometimes I have to reboot Drobo.

My Windows 7 machine isn’t part of a homegroup either.

This is very disappointing as I just upgraded from a Gen2 to an FS and I’ve seen more problems with the FS than I’ve had actual working time.

@sdbarker - try resetting you TCP/IP stack. Every now and again my Win 7 machine goes wacky network-wise and resetting seems to fix it so far.

Thanks for the tip, but it didn’t address the issue.


I think I had this problem once or twice but it was a while ago. I thought I hadn’t seen it because it may have been fixed in an update.