Looking for advice on checking a 5D filesystem on Mac

Anyone know the best way to check/verify a Drobo 5D filesystem using the macOS Disk Utility? While I know how to use Disk Utility to verify a filesystem I’m running into an issue where I’ve booted my Mac in normal mode and when I try to do the verification on the 5D DU reports that it is unable to unmount the 5D because it is in use. That makes sense because I have several services like the Time Machine Server using the 5D for storage. I would like to avoid having to disable all such services in order to do the file system check. Does booting in single user mode help with this?

Note that the 5D is currently attached to my Mac via thunderbolt. I have tried booting in recovery mode then running DU but it does not see the 5D.

I would turn off or quit any apps which might be using the Drobo 5D. Then I would try un-mounting the drive manually either by using the Drobo Dashboard or using Finder (right click on the disk icon to see option). You could get a message the drive is busy. If so an app is still using the drive. You will get an option to force eject the drive if you really need to eject it. Once the drive is ejected, then use Disk Utility on the drive.

Thanks for the reply but the thing I’m trying to avoid is disabling all the services that are using the Drobo in order to run DU on it. If that’s the only way I can do it then I will do that but I hope I don’t have to. Perhaps the better question is to ask how can one access the Drobo when booting a Mac in recovery/single user mode?

You don’t have to quit Drobo Dashboard or any Drobo services. Other apps or services are using your Drobo drive. For example if you are running an app from the Drobo drive you will not be able to eject it. I have apps that monitor all my drives and I have to quit them if I want to eject the Drobo drive normally.