Looking for a solution, I think drobo is the answer - functionality queston


I am looking for a solution to a problem I have at work and I think the Drobo 5n might be it. I have a few field locations with only minimal network capacity and they need a way to backup their data.

The 5n would connect to the wireless router, the users could then upload their data to it. My question comes from the next step of backing up their data to our own network.

Ideally I would just like to run with one drive and every other week then pull the drive, ship it back and replace it with a new drive. I am wondering if that is feesible with a drobo. I realize its not exactly what a drobo is meant to be used for (no need for RAID functionality) but I am wondering if it can work like that.


I am no expert but is it not feasible to use an old pc connected to the network but fitted with a hot swap caddy for the drives you wish to use