Looking for a good Sync App


Super stoked on finalizing my network setup. Now all I need is a good application which will sync specific folders on my local harddrive to my drobo, once a day or so. Can anyone recommend a good app??




Try AutoVirt AutoClone! It’s a freeware. Much better than SyncToy and robocopy.

Have you looked into rsync?

what OS’s are you using on your network?

How abt SyncBackPro? I’ve read at least 1 Drobo owner has been using that (@Mr. Suite B) and I’ve already downloaded the trial and awaiting for the arrival of my DroboPro today to test it out. The price & the feature set look very powerful & irresistable. Btw, I’m using ABR (Acronis Backup & Recovery) 10 now. So far, so good but ABR is 4 or 5 times more!!!

For Windows ViceVersa is a great and very powerful program that will do all you need. Uni/Bi directional sync, CRC comparison, scripted runs the lot. Shame you have to pay for it though… :frowning:


I bought ViceVersa Pro (there’s an older free version, but IIRC it has issues with 64-bit). If you do a lot of mixed sync-ing, it’s worth the price IMHO. But it all depends on how much your time is worth. :slight_smile:

Like most anything else you can piece together a solution, spending a lot of time and hopefully learning a lot, or you can buy an off-the-shelf solution. ViceVersa Pro is quite flexible, so it’s good even for power users.

Try either rynsc or the Drobocopy built into the dashBoard. rysnch if you’re an advanced user, DroboCopy otherwise.

i also use synchback its cool

Were is DroboCopy in dashBoard?? I have Drobo FS is this why I do not see it?

Just right click the Dashboard icon and you will find DroboCopy among other useful tools.

Windows - Right Click the Pie Chart icon in your System Tray by the Clock

MAC - Drobo Dashboard needs to be the active Window, Select the Drop Down Menu from your Menu Bar labeled Drobo Dashboard next to the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your Desktop.

Is there any programs (for reasonably basic users) that will back up files on my DroboFS to another network storage device that doesnt involve you having to have your PC/Laptop on? Something would automatically do it across the network?

If not something for basic users, at least something that a reasonably computer literate person would be able to follow a step by step explanation?

Many thanks