Looking for a Drobo 5N or 5N2


My old Drobo 5N died this week after 8 years of service.

I opened the unit completely and found that the logic board has a burnt chip, so the thing is not salvageable.

If anyone on this forum is selling their old 5N or 5N2, I’d be most interested to make an offer.


I had a really hard time finding one last year. If you’re in the US, your best bet might be eBay. I saw someone auctioning one for pretty cheap (current bid 200$) because it is password-locked and he doesn’t know how to reset the password (auction expires in 2 and a half days).
I had this same issue in the past when I bought a used 5N2 (because none are available new) and I was able to reset the password with a pinhole reset.