Login Problems D800i

I can’t login to my Drobo B800i. Its say login is incorrect. How can I reset the user/pass?

This Drobo KB might be able to help you:



  1. Do NOT perform a pin-hole reset or reset using Dashboard, as this will wipe out all the existing data in the Drobo.
  2. For the “forgot password” link to work and able to change new Admin password. You will need to have the Drobo registered with Drobo.com support portal.

Download and install the latest version of the Drobo Dashboard (if you haven’t done so), there is a reset password feature you could use.
http://files.drobo.com/webrelease/dashboard/Drobo-Dashboard-2.6.9.exe (Windows)
http://files.drobo.com/webrelease/dashboard/Drobo-Dashboard-2.6.9.dmg (Mac)

Taken from here:

Take note that you might have to register your Drobo unit first.
And this probably needs to be done using the USB connection.