Login delays, choice for folder shares

There seems to be a long delay when connecting to the FS via smb. This causes timeouts on the client end. This seems worse when logging in as a guest.

Also, is there no way to allow exporting of sub-folders? If not then perhaps provide a browser interface for managing samba. The current situation is very limited and causes problems, except for supported Mac and Windows’ clients. While I understand that only OSX and Windows are supported, the FS is supposed to be happy living at home. As a NAS, it has many great features but it is also very limited when it comes to non-OSX/Windows’ units.

My experience with the Drobo FS has been very positive when it comes to Mac’s PC’s and very negative when it comes to other devices (such as media players). So it would be very helpful to:

1- have more control over what gets exported.
2- speed up the login. It just shouldn’t take as long as it does.

Hopefully, the FS will improve when it comes to samba. The current approach is not flexible at all. I end up resorting to NFS which is unsupported, but reliable.