Locked out of a 5N

I have a 5N that’s 3 years old. So no support. Firmware 3.1.0. Dashboard version 2.8.3.

About a month ago the drives filled up so I added another drive. However, I can’t access the device at all. The admin password doesn’t work. A user account that I was using in a batch file to mount and copy files logs in to the dashboard but cannot access any shares.

Doing a password reset makes it all the way through to where I enter a new password for admin. Then it says “Failed to save the settings”, and no password reset occurs.

Any ideas?


hi darron,
there might be some info here that could help, from this thread, (and linked threads) from here:

if that does not work for you though, it may be worth trying to update dashboard and trying again, such as from here, which may work for you?