Lion broke time machine

Ok, I read that it’s a known issue with Time Machine, OSX 10.7, etc.

See here: http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/597/~/mac-10.7-(lion),-drobo-fs-and-time-machine

Do we have any ETA on when this will be resolved with the next official firmware release for the FS?

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  • Jon

Hi! I unfortunately ran into the same problem.

I also found the KB article that you’ve posted. It contains a link that makes this whole thing really, really embarrassing for Drobo:

“But my source also says that this connection problem most likely has to do with Apple discontinuing support for DHCAST128 (or DHX) authentication in Lion because it was considered insecure. Instead, the successor of DHCAST128 should be used: the more secure DHX2 user authentication module. DHX2 is supported since Mac OS X 10.2 and supports up to 256 characters for passwords (hell yeah, that should be enough). It relies on CAST-128 in cipher block chaining mode for encryption.”

So this clearly implies that it’s not really “Lion’s fault”, but that it’s a problem of not having implemented up-to-date standards in our Drobos. They could have done so since MacOS 10.2 but they just didn’t. Even at the cost of security, which could have been higher according to that linked article I guess.

But the WORST of all - and this is where it gets RIDICULOUS: That Article is dated FEBRUARY 25, 2011. That means Drobo had almost exactly FIVE MONTHS to fix the known problem before MacOS X Lion came out yesterday. And what happened? NOTHING. The users are just left without any Time Machine backup capability on their network attached Drobos. SHAME ON YOU, really. I’m very disappointed by such sloppy support.

Am I supposed to head over to a store now and buy another Storage Device that I can make a Backup onto, or what?

Oh yeah, and an other thing: Drobo Dashboard always states that it’s up to date when it checks for updates. Just always. And when I head over to the website - what do I find? Newer versions, exactly! Why implement an update service that not just doesn’t work at all, but even misleads the users?


Agreed. I keep doing the same thing. Check for updates, “no updates available”, go to web site, find updates…

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Still, we can’t use Time Machine yet with our DroboFS devices, right?

  • Jon

I would not have updated to Lion yet, if I had known about this.

Time Machine support was a big feature when the FS was released, see: http://drobo.com/news/pr/press_release_2010_05_20a.php

Why they chose not to update, or not to support the current authentication version at launch is inexplicable…

I would like to echo my sentiment to the previous comments…

This definitely isn’t the the fault of Apple and their decision to eliminate support of the older, less secure DHX authentication from Lion (10.7) OS. The fault lies squarely with the Drobo folks on this one! It is completely unacceptable to let all this time pass without addressing what seems to be a pretty obvious shortcoming, namely that the Drobo firmware does not support the newer DHX2 method for Mac OS.

And what the hell is up with the no notifications of new updates in the Drobo Dashboard software? It wasn’t until I visited the support website yesterday (because I was pissed off that my Time Machine backups weren’t working under Lion) before I discovered there are newer versions that have been available for months! (I had been running version Dashboard 1.7.3) So then I had to manually update the Dashboard software to 2.0.3, which was easy enough to do, but how come the software didn’t update automatically? Another Drobo fail!

Agreed on 2.0.3 Dashboard. I didn’t know about it either! WTH!?

  • Jon

Also stuck – and not happy about it.

Has anybody received an ETA on a bug fix?

This has been talked in several other threads here in the forum. Lioin has been out for months, as developer previews, and it’s been broken since the first one (and it’s been reported here also). Drobo has done nothing to prepare for this.

As for the updates. Yep, it’s broken. My Drobo Dashboard still thinks 1.8.4 is the latest. On the plus side, it has 1.1.2 firmware, and on Drobo’s webpage, the last one that shows is 1.1.1, so on firmware I am ahead at least.

A mess really… Great hardware guys, but in the software side, it’s really lacking… not sure if the problem is they don’t have enough resources, people… or interest. (it’ll get done eventually, who cares).

At least Synology already released a patch in beta.

All good comments. Same here. Ironically I was just showing a friend the Drobo 2 days before downloading Lion and telling him to just get one. Time capsule is too unreliable. Man, was that bad advice. Come on Drobo, post a reasonable response to your customers on your site and get real with this issue.

I love your hardware, but this can’t stand. ALL of your future time machine sales will come from Aplle references. Just a merger of time before you get completely trashed and that would be a shame. This should be a great market for you. Upgrading to a new interface due to a security change is not rocket science. Come on.

I got a DM response from Drobo’s official Twitter account. It reads:

“Fix is in QA. Release targeted for next week. Trust me when I say it is a TOP priority! Thanks.”

So, crossing my fingers life will be back to normal next week. :slight_smile:

Looks like the firmware update is out. Just got an email from Drobo. Applying now…

Is Drobo Copy broken too? I’ve been trying to use it since the Lion update came out, and since I upgraded to Dashboard 2.0.3 came out, with no success - it just says “in process” forever with no apparent progress.

  • Jon

While I see the bulletin stating that the firmware update is available, I don’t see it on the downloads page. Can you post the link?

Also, please revert back with the results – hope they fixed this thing!!!

Good news! For my Drobo FS, the firmware update (version 1.2.0 which was posted today, July 22) FIXED the problem with Time Machine backups under Mac OS 10.7 (Lion).

Firmware can be downloaded here: http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php

Drobo Dashboard fails miserably at updates.

“Drobo has the latest version of the Drobo Dashboard and DroboFirmware”

Always have to go and download updates manually.

I installed the firmware update manually and 10.7 Lion Time Machine seems to be running smoothly. Will report back after the backup is finished…

I have upgraded to firmware 1.2 and the dashboard to as well on all my apple machines ( lion on one , snow leopard on the other 2)
I cannot get a backup to work on any of them - Just hangs trying to make the disk available.

Agreed! The Drobo Dashboard software 2.0.3 still fails to detect newer versions of itself or firmware. This needs to be fixed! In the meantime, manually downloading and installing is what you have to resort to.

Firmware 1.2 just killed one of my shares with over 1TB of data. Well, not exactly killed - SSH shows it’s still on the disk - but it can’t be mounted over AFP, which means I can kiss all of the metadata goodbye.

EDIT: Deleting all .AppleDB files via SSH and rebooting did the trick.