Lion 10.7.3 breaks iSCSI DroboPro

After installing Lion 10.7.3 I lost iSCSI access to my DroboPro and the Dashboard no longer functioned. After a re-install of Dashboard 2.1.2 I’m seeing the DroboPro drop connection with heavy I/O.

I realized I never updated the DroboPro to FW 1.2.2 so I’m trying that to see if there’s an improvement.

Anyway, be cautious if you’re looking to update to Lion 10.7.3.

I can’t comment on the DroboPro, but with a DroboFS and stat providing an iSCSI target, I can still connect with Drobo Dashboard, and I can still access the iSCSI volumes using its initiator (licensed from ATTO). Obviously the DroboPro iSCSI target software is likely massively different from what’s on my little DroboFS, but the client software is all the same.

No problems here with an 09 Mac Pro connected to two DroboPro’s over iSCSI.

OS X 10.7.3 (Build 11D50)

Drobo Dashboard 2.1.2 [46070]

DroboPro Firmware 1.2.2 [2.56.43538]

The setup here is DroboPro(s) -> Switch -> Mac Pro

The firmware update didn’t resolve the issue. I’m seeing some other strange behavior with the server though which makes me suspect the OS needs a fresh install.