linux tricks?

A client purchased this after seeing EXT3 support listed and thought it would be no problem to make work with Ubuntu. My job of course is to make the unsupported configuration actually work.

Have installed 11.04 Ubuntu 64bit, open-iscsi, etc. The Drobo is plugged into the Linux server directly with iSCSI. The server can ping the Drobo interface.

I can’t for the life of me get drobo-utils or iscsiadm to discover the device.

Any tips or tricks?

I’m using Drobopros with Linux (CentOS x86_64) and they work fine, using 8TB LUN size.

See here for getting the initial iSCSI connection running & the partitioning / formatting details:

And here for a couple of tweaks to the iSCSI parameters:,_iSCSI_and_Linux

(On Centos, or possibly just newer iscsi versions, the ‘node’ file path is in /var/lib/iscsi/send_targets/… rather than /etc/iscsi )

I’d adjust the parameters immediately after getting the iSCSI connection going, before doing any filesystem work.

Drobo-utils works fine once the iSCSI connection exists.
For debugging, you should be able to ping the drobopro with or without iscsi running, as long as the ethernet setup is OK.

With Centos at least, the iSCSI stuff (open-iscsi) is included, all it needs is the service starting & issuing the correct commands via iscsiadm, as given in the drobo-utils info.

Hi, when I do this on CentOS, I get login errors…and there are no passwords/login credentials required that i could tell. I used Windows XP to initially setup the DroboPro and can see it in the nodes list on Linux but for some reason it can’t be logged into. Under Windows I was not required to setup CHAP or any other form of authentication. Any ideas?