Linux; second lun is not availible


I have luns of 2TB, ext3

drobom info luns gives;

query luninfo result:
(0, 2199023185920L, 2015791722496L, ‘GPT’, [‘EXT3’])
(0, 0, 0, ‘No Partitions’, [‘NTFS’])

I only can mount the first lun. So far I understand Drobo is suposed to format and give availble automaticaly addisional lun’s. But it does not in my case.

When use qparted I can see that /dev/sdb1 is mounted as an unknown file system volume of 2TB. And also /dev/sdc as an unused and not mounted volume of 2TB

How can I make use of that second LUN ?

I looks like I could use qparted to make a ext3 file system on /dev/sdc

But a drobo is not a normal volume. I must be sure I will not wipe all data of the drobo or mes it up totaly.

Anyone also using linux and a drobo?

I assume you added storage, so a second LUN showed up.
The linux dashboard does not deal with this, it cannot format only the second LUN, you have to invoke
the command line actions yourself. there are recipes for this on http://drobo-utils.sf.net

So I have do make the filesystem myself manualy. ok, that is not a problem.

It is that I was under the impression the after your created the first LUN the Drobo totaly automatic would mange the formating process when you add disks. It is sold as being a robot …

So I was a afraid to get manualy involved in its workings. Now I know what to do.

linux support is only in beta

on windows at least it will automatically create the second volume and it will prompt for it to be formatted.