Lighttpd + PHP 5.3.5 + OpenSSL1.0.0d

I’m not sure how to submit this app?
It’s a complete web-stack for the DroboFS.

contains the latest lighttpd, php 5.3.5, and openssl.
I tried to build as many modules for php as possible, but some were excluded for now. Perhaps later I’ll add things like mysql support, etc.

So without a way to attach the file, i’ll post to dropbox.
I hope that doesn’t bother anybody?

md5sum lighttpd.tgz

42a2ebe2bcc233989db33343c402f63c lighttpd.tgz

WARNING: This will replace any previously installed lighttpd.

Make a backup before using this kit.

Here is the link:

Dosen’t it support SESSION ?