Lights show incorrect capacity on linux

Hey everyone, I just uploaded 2 TB of data to my drobo, then deleted some of it. However, the lights still show that 60% of the space is used (I am on linux). Just for fun I plugged the drobo into my windows machine, and TADA! the lights went down to 40%. upon plugging it back into linux, it went back to 60%… huh?

Thanks in advance, Istvan.

What model drobo, LUN size, kind of file system?


As far as I know, except on newer models, and only with ext3, you should limit your lun size to 2 TiB.
for example, Drobo support for NTFS on linux is limited to 2 TiB. If you are using a larger volume, those are the exact symptoms you will see that indicate data loss is in your future.

If you want to use it on linux, make sure to stay within the supported feature set.

They corrected themselves after my system ran a fs check on boot. I think that is the solution if anyone else is having this problem.

There are 2 LUNs each 2Tb on my setup.