Lights dimming - how to?

I have 2 Drobo S equipped with 5 2 TB WD green drives. Dashboard is Version 1.7.3, the firmware on both Drobo S is 2.0.1. The one Drobo S seems to have the lights dimmed on the frontpanel, the other lights full power. How can I adjust the light brightness on the Drobo? In the manual there should be an option to dim the light but in my version of dashboard there is no such option. Any ideas?


Should be in advanced controls > tools tab > settings > general tab. Same tab you set disk spin down.

Thanks Jennifer for your response. There is no option for light dimming there. If it would be so easy, I wouldn’t ask…

What shall I try next?


What version of dashboard are you running?
It should be there.

Thanks Jennifer for your question. Dashboard is version 1.7.3, the firmware on both Drobos is 2.0.1, as mentioned in my original post.

I tried several times to attach a screenshot but the page doesn’t like my picture (.png).

I should admit that the OS is Mac OS X Server 10.6.4 German - perhaps this is the culprit?

Unfortunately I can’t test with a german OS.

I was able to successfully log into my Drobo S, and dim the lights from dashboard.
Firmware 2.0.1 and dashboard 1.7.3.

Maybe upload a .gif or .jpg file?

Thanks for your reply Jennifer. Finally I managed to upload the screenshot as .gif.[attachment=20]

Ok I will uninstall my English dashboard and install the German version to check on that dashboard.

Ok installed in German but it’s still in English.

Unfortunately I cannot test a German Mac OS.

Thanks Jennifer. And now? I can test Dashboard on a German Mac OS X 10.6.4 and there is no option to dim the lights on a Drobo S… Could you report this as a bug please? Or dou you think there is another source for this problem?

I would recommend contacting the EU help desk for assistance.

I was able to get the EU helpdesk to test it. Apparently on Mac OS (any version) German language, with dashboard 1.7.3 the option to Dim lights is missing. It is still available on dashboard 1.7.2.

We have told our engineers.

Thanks Jennifer for your patience and efforts. Where could I get an old Version of Dashboard? This would solve my problem in a second…