Life Span of 5N

I have a 5N that was put into production in Oct 2018. It is a replacement for my original 5N that was originally put into production in Oct 2016 . I’m not experiencing any issues presently. My objective is to determine the life expectancy of my 5N. It’s only used at home by myself, very little usage. I’ve purchased a new 5N2 in the event of an emergency and am contemplating my options. The 5N2 is sitting in the box, locked up with spare drives. May seem overkill but that’s just how I roll when it comes to data availability. I also have peripheral fans set up to provide additional cooling.

I may get the 5N2 fired up, copy the data over from the 5N, power down the 5N2 and then perform monthly backups or on an as-needed basis? I’m not typically this overzealous, just when it comes to my data.

I appreciate any suggestions from the community.



I wouldn’t say that is overkill. My 5N tanked on me in September, and I’m still waiting on tech support to regain access to my files. They assure me that the files are all there and safe, but the Drobo won’t mount the storage partition. I haven’t had any movement on this in over a month now.

My mistake was in forgetting that the main unit can tank.

A pair of 5N2 units might be easier as they can automatically image from one to the other, but having the second level backup totally powered down means that almost nothing can get it, certainly no ransomware etc.