Let's Encrypt

Hi I was wondering if anyone has looked into supporting Let’s encrypt for SSL certs directly on the Drobo system. I have managed to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate on my Drobo 5N, but want to have it automatically update as it only lasts 90 days.

So just want to try and get the renewal automated.

hi can i check if those types of certs usually only last for 3 months, or if it is just something else that is making it only last for
90 days?

if the 90 days is by design, maybe there is a cron script or some commands that can be scheduled to run (which run the same commands that you did manually when first setting it up?)

Paul, the cert is valid for 90 days by design.

In order to create the cert in the first place I had to run the process on my Mac and then manually put the cert on the Drobo.

Certbot - https://certbot.eff.org - is what I think is best to get working but I could not get it running on the Drobo. If we can get this running then yes a crib script should work.

Out of interest I also have a problem getting a cron script to run on my Drobo. Do you have any simple instructions on how to set a simple cron job up and then view logs to check its running.



Depending on what you need to do, DroboAccess and associated apps in the myDrobo category make use of Let’s Encrypt to provide personalized yourchoice.mydrobo.com domains


(btw thanks for the clarification about those certs liam, i hadnt used them before)

Like you, I generated the certificate elsewhere but use it on the Drobo. I used the dehydrated client which is a simple shell script. I’d think that might be the best chance of running an LE client on the Drobo, however it has a dependency on OpenSSL to generated the CSR, and I don’t think there is a DroboApp for OpenSSL. Other dependencies it has are on cURL, sed, grep, mktemp, and I’m not positive about their availability on the Drobo either.

If you’re interested in pursuing that, the dehydrated project lives here: https://github.com/lukas2511/dehydrated

Like I said though, I think lack of OpenSSL on the Drobo will be a limiting factor.