Legacy Drobo and macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

I’d like to hear from users of legacy Drobo products with respect to testing and running live with macOS 19.14 (Mojave).

I’ve got a DroboPro 8 bay unit running firmware 1.2.3 [2.58.22137] and Drobo Dashboard 3.3.0 on Mac OS 10.13.6 but am considering the next upgrade to Mojave.

Need to know if anyone has issues with new Apple drive formatting and best practices to get legacy Drobo products operational in that new environment.


I have a problem with adding volumes to my Drobo 5D and my Drobo Mini - the Add Volumes button does not appear
I am running an iMac (2015) with Mojave 10.14.2
I would like to hear from anyone having Add Volume problems

I would too if DroboPro 8 will work with Mojave with Firmware 1.2.2 [2.56.43538].

PS: Peter, I guess you had no issues updating to Firmware 1.2.3 [2.58.22137], I’m on 10.13.8?

Dave, I see you have the Volume Adding issue, but did you have data on the those devices already and lost no data going to Mojave?



Yes that’s correct - data present and still usable but I cannot Add Volumes to the device as that does not show up in Drobo Dashboard



Thanks…is your firmware the most current?

Hi there

Yes - but I have just updated the firmware to 4.1.3 [7.196.105954] and the Add Volumes still does not show up

Pls see attached screen grab



So you mean the Drobo 5D Data and Drobo 5d Data 2 do not show on up on desktop, while Drobo Dashboard reports them existing with data one them?

I’m going to test my 5N with my laptop that is running macOS 10.14 (Mojave) this coming week.


Sorry you misunderstood me

I have a Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini - both of these work fine under Mojave

However when I tried to add a volume to either of these I discovered that the interface to Add a new Volume to either of these devices is not present - so I am stuck with the number of volumes that either have at present




Dave, did you check the new Dashboard 3.4.2?

I’m now running Drobo Dashboard 3.4.2 and Firmware 1.2.3 [2.58.22137] with Mojave 10.14.3 without incident. Things seem to operate smoothly but I am not doing any adds. moves or changes to volumes at all. I’m simply in maintenance mode on existing data and volumes.

Thanks…I’m running all the same and updating to Mojave 10.14.3.

I have Drobo 5D that has been working for years on my MacPro, but after upgrading to Mojave, the volume no longer shows up. In Disk Utility, the Drobo device appears, bu no volume is listed under it, so I cannot Mount it from there. In Drobo Dashboard, the device and volume still appears, but nothing shows up under the “Used” column. How do I get my 5D to re-mount on my now-Mojave MacPro?