Latest fiirmware update problem


I am not sure if the latest update has caused my problem but for some reason my Drobo Pro goes into sleep mode almost immediately once it’s done its boot process. I cannot wake it up whilst connected by Firewire. If I connect by USB or iScsi then the Drobo Pro wakes up and all is well. The problem seems to be with the Firewire connection, this also seems to have coincide with the recent firmware update.

Anyone else having issues like mine?

Any advise would be much appreciated.


Have you tried a different FW cable?
Have you tried a different FW port?

Jennifer this post


seems to be saying the same thing - after the firmware update it wont stay awake on firewire (he helpfully hasnt told us how he has gotten on with USB yet)


If you read my report carefully it says"If I connect by USB or iScsi then the Drobo Pro wakes up and all is well" Which means I have no issues with USB & iScsi.

Jennifer, I have tried two Firewire cables as well as changing the ports on the back of the Drobo Pro. The mac does not see the Drobo Pro and as mentioned the drobo pro goes in hibernation within seconds of all lights going steady green.



Please open a support case then.

@ ascotsman - i read YOUR report!

when i said “he doesnt tell us what happens on USB” i referring to the post i linked to and was talking about in the rest of the sentence!

Same issue here, after upgrading to firmware 1.1.5

How can I get firewire running, again?


hmm… three people all reporting that drobo wont stay awake while connected via firewire following the update t 1.1.5 - this is exactly why i havent updated yet (i lke to see if people find problems with it first!)

Please open a support case if you are having any issues after updating your firmware.

I have opened a case Saturday. I sent a diag log and they said I was trying to install the firmware for a DROBO and not a DROBOPRO. ANy one else having this problem?

What version of firmware were you trying to install?

Can I have your case number?

Was this via the automatic update? I would hope the drobopro would just refuse the firmware!

FWW, I have the same problem (DroboPro doesn’t work with FW after firmware upgrade). Ticket is open and working through it (somewhat slower than hoped). I’m glad to hear I’m not alone, however.

I believe I have the same problem. I have opened a ticket and I am awaiting a response as well. Firewire on a Mac.

Does anybody have a feedback to their cases?


Does anybody have a feedback to their cases?