Last Firmware Update slowed down file server requests

Hi Drobo Community,

Our Drobo B800i dashboard shows an update to the firmware is available, we update the firmware and the dashboard through the suggestion.
All of a sudden handling file server requests seems to have slowed down considerably since the last firmware update.

Currently our B800i is running firmware version 2.0.6 [3.45.10935]
Drobo dashboard version is 2.8.2 [82711]

Access to the Drobo dashboard/files/harddisk is normal and we can’t see anything wrong. Is there a chance that the update is causing the slow issues to the file server requests?

Thank you very much

hi tinhead,
it may just be coincidence with the update, (such as maybe a hard drive was having some more softer errors that were being handled at the time), though i think for some of the firmware updates, it triggers some internal optimisations, and it could just be that the data is being optimised across the diskpack and that normal speeds should be seen again once the optimisation is complete.

am not sure how much data you have, but maybe you could check it after a day or 2 to see if things have improved?

(btw, it could also be a case where your used percentage has just reached a particular value, or threashold… can you remember how much used space, and free space you have, in TB and in %)?

I will post back if things have improved as what you stated that there might be some optimization in the diskpack.

Oh and here is the disk space used :
Used 1.03 TB (13%)
Free 7.01 TB (87%)

Thank you for your information

ah ok, i think based on your data values, it seems more likely to do with a drive, or optimisations, rather than a slower threshold…

for example, even in my 4-bay systems, the overall performance does dip slightly when adding in a 3rd drive, and also with the 4th final drive, though i was still able to carry out live video, audio recording and editing with my das models.

(as well as there being an 85% full warning popup, there is a more noticable slowdown around the 95%+ full mark, though that also exists in most other devices anyway - but since you are only using about 1TB, it is likely something else…)

if things do not improve, (and if you are still having a warranty/drobocare) then it would probably be worth raising a ticket with the support team, to arrange taking some diagnostics logs, in case a particular drive (or drives) are having any problems (but which have not actually failed yet).

but it could also be due to something else, such as very heavy usage such as via many users or possibly something running some tools over the network such as an active virus scanner or something similar?

The issues occurs for more than a week, and seems to dissolve after we increase the processor core count and RAM allocation to our file server virtual machines (reboot was also initiated after the changes).

based on our drobo space usage, it wouldn’t possible for the optimization to take so long.

No other AV or networking activity running / scanning our drobo harddrive.

Could this be possible that the firmware update has increased the need of the processing power or is it just a coincidence?

thanks for more info,

while in theory, it could be possible that some devices codebase could cause more traffic on a connected port, which could in theory use up more cpu resources, similar to denial of service, i wouldnt have thought that the firmware (inside) the drobo, would be causing more computer cpu… possibly a bit more inside it if at all…

though now that you mention a vm, and that the issue dissolved when the fileserver had more system resources allocated to it, then it might just be that the amount of operations being carried out or file requests might just need a bit more resources on the server…

and that gave me another idea… can i check if dashboard is always running when you have the slowdown?
would you be able to temporarily exit both dashboard, and the service, and to try some more tests, with or without the extra resources being allocated?

(in case your drobo is going to get heavily used, then please do still keep an eye on it since system alerts or low space alerts wont happen with dashboard being closed, just to play safer so you dont overfill your drobo)