Kernel panic with OS X 10.6.4 and Drobo


I have the original Drobo, and the Dashboard reports that both it and the Drobo’s firmware are up to date. This Drobo has been working fine for several months attached via USB to my Mac Pro.

However, after updating the Mac Pro to OS X 10.6.4, I am experiencing sporadic (but very regular) kernel panics.

I have determined that the problem is the Drobo; if I disconnect the Drobo, the machine remains stable. If I connect the Drobo, within a short period of time (15 minutes to half an hour), the machine will kernel panic.

I really need to use the Drobo, and was hoping somewhere here might have an idea what I can do. Thanks in advance,

– Matt Henderson

For testing, you may want to try connecting a different USB drive and see if the same happens.

The “what changed” here is definitely your OS. Can you roll back your OS update?

When you updated your OS, was the drobo attached to your computer?

Also have you run repair disk from disk utility. We typically see kernel panics with either bad cables/ports on the computer or with data corruption.