keeps disappearing.... new behavior?

I just got a new iMac. Everything works great except on occasion (once a day) it disappears? I try to click on a song in iTunes (I keep my iTunes media on the drobo) and iTunes can’t locate the song. I then try to go to the drobo itself and it’s not there. I unplug the firewire cord and plug back in… nothing?!?
The only way to get the drobo recognized on my computer again is to unplug it via the power cord.
This never happened on my older iMac and this can’t be good for the system.
What can I do to correct this bad behavior? -

If the issue is only observed on your new iMac, perhaps you might have a failing FireWire port?
I’m not entirely sure… I thought the FireWire connection no longer exist on Macs, and is replaced by Thunderbolt…

The (updated) OS you have might not be compatible, and is causing a flaky FireWire connection…?

Yup… newer iMac only has USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports.

Since Drobo S has a USB port, try connecting Drobo S using USB instead to the new iMac. See if this is ok and stable?

As you mentioned, you are now connecting the Drobo S using Firewire on the new iMac… are you using some sort of USB-To-Firewire 800 adaptor or Thunderbolt-To-Firewire 800 adaptor??

Maybe is these adaptors or converters are not compatible with Drobo S. Maybe the Drobo S Firewire connection needs native Firewire connection and not via adapter …

I am using a firewire to thunderbolt attachment. I thought this would work great.
I can’t get any help from the support staff if this setup is good or not?

I will try the usb… :frowning:

Think its time to trash this drobo and move on I guess?!?

hi please let us know how it goes with the usb cable, as usually usb has less problems then adapters and firewires etc.
edit: especially on mac

I also am using an adapter (Thunderbolt to Firewire) and am having the disappearing problem! I don’t doubt that usb may work, but usb 2.0 is slower than the post office! That is why I got the Firewire option when I bought the more expensive Drobo to get Firewire! Unfortunately Drobo Support has sadly decreased their service and leaves Legacy products to wallow and founder!

hi latterman,
can i just check which drobo you have? as far as i know the drobo-s supports usb 3 (with compatibility for usb 2).

(as the original poster mentioned drobo-s you might have one as well, but maybe your computer only has a usb 2 port, in which case the drobo-s would use the slower usb 2 speed - i wasnt sure though so just to check)

You might have already tried this, but at least in the interim, could you try using usb just to see if the drobo appears again so that you can access your data? (if you still cant, then it may be something else causing the problem)


did you get an asnwer to this dropping of connection ? have had this issue for ages !

any help appreciated (support just tell me to buy a new one !)