Keep losing share on Drobo FS

This just started happening this morning.

I can ping the drobo IP and drobo name just fine.

I can connect to http://<drobo_IP>:8080/droboadmin/

Drobo Dashboard 2.1.2 does NOT see the Drobo FS (latest firmware 1.2.1).

Cannot connect to share via Windows.

Turned Drobo FS off, then turned back on.

Share could connect for a short while, then “goes away.” Error: “Windows cannot access \DROBO” Error code 0x80070035.

I’m about fed up with this awful product.

This sounds like a network issue. Connecting to a share and using the Dashboard both require it be in the same broadcast domain as the host, whereas connecting via a web browser to the DroboApp admin page works over any IP connection.

Have you tried using the “Drobo Discovery Settings” link in the main Dashboard screen (lower left)? You can now put in a direct IP for it to connect to and skip the broadcast-based auto discovery. If that works, then it’s extremely likely that this is a network issue, not a DroboFS issue.

Otherwise, it’s strange that the DroboFS is running well enough to provide DroboApps (which require completing the boot process and mounting the disk pack - as DroboApps are on one of the shares), but you can’t connect to a share or the Dashboard. Especially with the latest software, as it seems (to me) to be greatly improved.

Hi diamondsw,

I did try entering the IP manually via Dashboard, which does not work. At this point, I seem to be having the same symptoms as brillow in this post: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=7831

In that case, you definitely need to get DRI heavily involved. Shame it wasn’t network-related, as such things can be solved more easily. If you’re in warranty, bug them until they cross-ship you a replacement chassis. I did have a lemon for my first one (strange long pauses in data transfer every few minutes where it seemed to freeze up), and a new chassis fixed everything. Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions. I am indeed out of warranty…now I know why they only include one year.

They exchanged mine for free even after more than one year. I would try to open a support ticket.

Hi tinue,

Thanks for the heads-up. What problem were you having?

DRI has yet to respond to my support ticket, but when I turned the unit on today, it immediately alerted me that one of my hard drives was bad. I removed the drive, and the Drobo FS is currently performing Data Protection (only 52 hours remaining!). The Drobo FS seems to be functioning properly (network share no longer is being lost, read/write performance is back to normal). I’m hoping DRI still addresses this, as the unit really did not behave well with one drive going down.