Just something thats really been bugging me.

Alright well here is my case, for god knows what reasons sometimes things don’t work the way you want them to. For example regarding this current issue I am having, now sometimes if anything were to happen to the network connection on my pc, IE my cat accidentally disconnects the Ethernet cable, I lose the connection to the Drobo FS (obviously). But when I reconnect the Ethernet cable the Drobo Dashboard just doesn’t want to find the Drobo FS again.

The only way to fix this is by rebooting the PC, then the Drobo Dashboard finds it without any issue. Now whats really bugging me is why is it that I have to reboot my pc to get DD to find my FS anytime I lose the connection to my network? I tried closing it and running it again same thing. Waited for around 30 minutes, no connection, but as soon as I restart my computer, tada it connects without any issues. I mean its not really an issue since all I have to do is restart, but still whats the difference between closing and running the program again in comparison to restarting the PC? Is there a process thats still running in the background that might be stuck which gets terminated when I restart my PC? Any ideas guys?

Also if its any relevance, running windows 7 64 bit, my Drobo is connected to a d-link gigabit Ethernet switch which my PC is also connected to, and I have tried disabling and enabling the network connection, that didn’t help either.

Does it reconnect if you restart the Drobo Dashboard service?

If by restart you mean right click and exit the tray icon, and then run it again, then no it doesn’t. But a reboot of the computer and it connects.

Not the Drobo Dashboard application, but the Drobo Dashboard service

Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services
or Services.msc from Command Prompt

Oh I haven’t tried that, I will do the next time it happens. Thanks man.

Can you update topic please, did it work?

Yes I have tried restarting the service, and nope it doesn’t work, atleast for me it doesn’t. If I somehow manage to loose the connection on my PC and try to reconnect, it just gets stuck at waiting for connection or whatever, but after a reboot it works fine.

What if you close your network connection all together and reconnect?

If this happens, can you ping and map a share?

I haven’t tried pinging my drobo fs, all I know is that windows won’t pick it up until a restart, and its something on windows side as if I were to boot up XBMC on my revo, it would pick it up without any hassle. So its definitely something related to the drobodashboard and windows. If it happens again I will try to ping it from CMD.

Also, do you use fixed or dynamic IP?