Just had my DroboPro RMAed, went fine with one suggestion...

Friday morning I turned my MacPro on, opened iTunes to let it start downloading podcasts and I noticed my Drobo volume wasn’t mounted. Oh, hey, the Drobo isn’t on either.

After some basic troubleshooting (rebooting, power down and power up with all drives out to see if I get a red light in drive bay one, etc.) I call customer service and they determine it’s probably the power supply and needs to be RMAed.

RMA went fine, my only suggestion/complaint would be that since it was a Friday, I was willing (under my assumed price) to pay for Saturday delivery since I have DroboCare and it was going to go overnight anyway. I thought this would be $15-$20 extra and was willing to pay that since I wanted access to my data over the weekend. However, the RMA rep told me only one customer has ever actually done that and it would be $150 or so, which was way above what I both assumed and was willing to pay.

Later I looked on the FedEx site and it looks like Saturday delivery is just a $15 add-on. The caveat is, that requires a certain class of overnight, and DRI sends them overnight saver, or basically whatever the cheapest overnight option is, so they would’ve had to pay more for a faster overnight option as well. However, I think for those rare instances when a Drobo needs to be RMAed and it just happens to be a Friday, they should spring for Saturday delivery anyway if the customer has DroboCare. Being without your data for the weekend really sucks.